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Birth Flowers

Can't pick out a birthday gift for a special friend or loved one? The easy solution is to buy flowers, however many people hesitate because they don’t want it to look like a last minute gift choice. The same way there is a birth stone associated with each month, every month has a birth flower associated with it. By picking out the recipients birth flower they will know that you put some time and consideration into their gift.

Here are the birth flowers for each month of the year:


January - Carnations

Carnations are beautiful yet sturdy. Originating from Aisa, these 2000 year old blooms make a perfect bouquet on someone’s special day. A popular choice for fresh flowers.


February - Iris

The earliest records of this flower trace back to ancient Greece and the goddess Indris they were named for. The vibrant purple is the most well known variation but there are many other colours available. The iris represents wisdom, grace and eloquence.


March - Daffodil

These yellow trumpet and star shaped plants are one of the oldest in recorded history. Every popular for their pretty shape and bright colorings, the daffodil represents friendship. Daffodils originated within the Mediterranean region and were cultivated by both the ancient Greeks and Romans.


April - Daisy

One of the most commonly found flowers; daisies are both simple and beautiful at the same time. These wild flowers are known for their resilience, and manage to flower in every month of the year. The daisy represents hope and new beginnings, the flower’s name literally means ‘day’s eye’ as the daisy opens at sunrise, marking the beginning of a new day.

Scented Lily

May - Lily

The elegant lily is a representation of elegance and refined beauty. They are a very popular form of flowers to give. They are available in a wide variety of colours and make a beautiful bouquet. There are records of the Ancient Egyptians cultivating lilies.


June - Rose

The rose is perhaps the flower most associated with love and beauty, they have a worldwide reputation as the flower of romance. Many choose to give a bouquet of roses as a gift. The rose is the most popular choice for those who buy flowers. There are thousands of varieties of roses available, with new ones being created all the time. It is thought that the rose originated in Northern Persia, although this is not certain.


July – Delphinium

Delphiniums blooms grow in tall and attractive spike, a great anchor for an eye-catching bouquet. The delphinium is associated with heavenly qualities.


August - Gladiolus

The name Gladiolus comes from the Latin word for sword, the name given because of the upwards shape of the bloom. Gladioli are thought to first have been found grown in Southern Africa. Beautiful and strong, Gladioli represent integrity. They are available in a wide range of colours.


September - Aster

The name Aster come from the Ancient Greek term for star, a tribute to the unique petal formation of the Aster. They resemble daisies, however the petals are much longer and sharper. These beautiful wildflowers are associated with love and patience.


October - Marigold

The marigold originates from Central America. They have been proven to improve health and have been used by herbalists fro centuries to treat skin problems.


November - Chrysanthemum

A close follower to the rose in popularity, Chrysanthemums are a popular choice of flower to give. These blooms represent fidelity, optimism, joy and a long life. All beautiful sentiments to give to someone on their birthday.


December - Poinsettia

Poinsettias are Christmas flowers, for this reason they are also the birth flower of December. Most often red in colour, these flowers will brighten up any home. Native to Mexico, the Poinsettia is a symbol of purity.