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Wattle Wattle
Flower NameWattle
Botanical NameAcacia
MeaningNationalism, Bravery, Spring

Next to the gum tree, the wattle is probably Australia’s most recognised plant.

There are over 600 species of wattle, or Acacia in Australia. Across the country they grow in all kinds of climates and conditions. Some are just small plants, while others are large upright trees. Many botanists have puzzled over the question as to why so many types of wattle have developed in Australia. Of all variants, the most well known is the golden wattle.

The golden wattle is native to Australia and one of its most well known plants. In fact, since the year of the bicentenary, 1988, it has been Australia’s official floral emblem. For many years before this Wattle enthusiasts lobbied for this decision.

Wattle blossoms can be found on the Australian Coat Of Arms as well as on the Order of Australia Medal. Each September a national Wattle Day is held. This event is celebrated in many schools, giving children a chance to learn about native flora and fauna.

For some years, European settlers showed little interest in Australian natives. Many gardens were made up of imported plants. Many settlers found comfort to their homesickness in these gardens. After federation in 1901 interest began building in establishing native gardens. Settlers began to seek a new identity as Australians, rather than displaced Europeans. Many of these new gardens featured the wattle. It was around this time that the Golden Wattle was recognised as a uniquely Australian plant and a possible national emblem.

Golden Wattle plants stand between 4 and 8 meters. The flower in spring, the blossoms are small and round with yellow coloured petals. The petals are small that they look like hairs. While many admire the beauty of wattle blooms, sufferers of hay fever don’t often agree because of their high pollen output. Up to eight flower heads will grow on each branch.

Sending a bouquet of wattle to a loved one makes a perfect gift. Wattles are great for a congratulatory bouquet, if someone in your life is celebrating an achievement then it’s a great idea to send wattle. Wattle is also an excellent complementary flower to go along with other plants.